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ROV Project Update – 012806

Posted by Deliverator on January 26th, 2006

The ROV project has definitely been on the back burner for a while now, with the flurry of ongoing activity related to the FRC robot taking priority. I know people are going to be pretty wiped out after getting the robot finished, hosting the unofficial pre-ship event and finally shipping the robot off to Portland. Hopefully we will be able to start working on it again after spring break. While the project has been a bit idle of late, I have not.

This weekend I am hauling my butt out of bed to attend an all day ROV conference put on by MATE in Keyport at the Naval Museum. Among other things, the conference will be an organizing event for the 1st annual Pacific Northwest ROV competition, being held in Washington sometime in the Middle of May. I somehow doubt the TRC has enough stamina for another grueling build season this year, but you never know. At the very least, I hope to make some fundraising contacts. I might try and find a group of kids from one of the ther local schools that would be interested in giving it a shot.
Helena Wu from Lumileds emailed me this morning to inform me to expect a package in the mail shortly containing all sorts of wonderful high wattage LED emitters. It sounds like they were able to supply everything that i requested, except a few parts that had been discontinued, which they replaced with newer models that put out even more Lumens. It sounds like adequate lighting will not be an issue on our ROV. Many thanks Lumileds!

I need to find some Victor 884 or equivalent motor speed controllers for the ROV. We had two 884’s and an older 883 allocated to the ROV project, but we were running short. so I gave them to Larry to use on this year’s FRC robot. This year’s robot will be using SEVEN 40 amp motor speed controllers, if you can believe it. That battery is not going to last long! Anyways, if anyone has some 12v motor speed controllers to donate to the project, they would be much appreciated.