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Wireless Happenings and Robots Stuff

Posted by Deliverator on January 28th, 2006

The site for the new book, Wireless Networking in the Developing World, has gone live. Rob is one of the chief co-authors. I have been reading the free PDF version of the book, released under a Creative Commons license. I will be buying the dead-tree edition of the book thru Lulu as soon as all the kinks have been worked out, so that I don’t need a decoder-ring. Rob donates a great deal of his time, money and copious brainpower towards free culture and helping to technically empower people everywhere across the globe. I highly recommend reading this and his other wonderful books.

In other Seattle Wireless related news, the deployment of NodeAtoys on the UPN tower on Capitol Hill went smoothly (afaik) and is now linked into the network. Start pointing those high-gain directionals at the tower and see what you can see!

In robot related news, we finished wiring the control panel up, downloaded code to the robot and drove it around for the first time. We hauled it over to school and let the drive team have a go at it until 9pm. There is still an unresolved issue with the left quadrature optical encoder, but we managed to eliminate some possibilities with an oscilloscope. We fixed a problem with a bad pwm cable that was causing one of the two motor speed controllers for the left side to only operate intermittently, resulting in a power imbalance that was slowing down the speed of the robot. Once that was fixed, the robot moved smoothly and VERY swiftly across the floor. Seems to have plenty of torque as well, as we made the robot wax the floor, using Ryan as a mop! After wrapping things up at school, Ryan, Erik and I headed to Safeway, where Ian had reported seeing foam balls identical to the ones used in this year’s competition for sale. We left the manager somewhat befuddled when we purchased all 28 of the balls they had in stock…and two jars of peanut butter. We tried to explain that the balls were for a robotics competion, but decided not to explain the peanut butter….

Ryan will hopefully post some of the pictures and video from tonight’s goofy proceedings on his site. I left my digicam at home and couldn’t fall back on my Nokia 6620’s phonecam, as I am having the 6620’s firmware upgraded by iunlock. They have been very prompt and it is already on its way back, so I may have it as soon as tomorrow. I wish phone manufacturers would pull their collective you know whats out of their you know wheres and offer an easy way for consumers to patch bugs in their products…