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Posted by Deliverator on February 21st, 2006

Six weeks and god knows how many man-hours later, Hoenir (aka the robot), for better or for worse, is done. We got up early this morning and crated it up. Kids started coming out of the woodwork to give Hoenir an honor guard onto the Fedex Freight truck. We packed it up as well as we could, but I am somewhat terrified by it being out of our control. A few year’s back a forklift managed to stick one of its tines through the side of the crate, narrowly missing vital parts. We reinforced the crate as best we could, but the crate has definately seen better days. I think next year we need to take some time and build a nice new crate. Many teams have very elaborately decorated crates and put on quite a PR show at their booths. We are lucky enough to have any permanent booth presence at all, and the extent of our media promotion usually stops at a few trifold posters.

The club has enough devoted students, parents and mentors to make sure the vital stuff doesn’t get dropped, but only just. The club would benefit greatly if we could get some students and parents to be as devoted to fundrasing and PR as we currently are to the building of the actual robot. As we boxed up the robot, I was really struck by the lack of appropriate tools. We didn’t have a proper saw to cut 2×4’s to reinforce the crate. We only had a single, underpowered cordless drill , and that was loaned for the day by one of the parents. We couldn’t even find a tapemeasure! Right now we are forced to rely very heavily on Larry’s willingness to let us abuse his hospitality & tools at short notice. Much more of the robot’s construction could be accomplished on the school grounds if we just had some basic tools, and general participation could be increased greatly (Larry’s garage really only allows for a couple adults and maybe 4 studnets at a time) if we could hold more build meetings at school.

Anyways, enough gripeing! Please wish us luck as we head to Portland this coming Wednesday to defend our two back to back Pacific Northwest Regional Championships!

Oh, and for the most confusing gallery title of the year, here are some pics of the post-preship and the ship.


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