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Jeode Java EVM on Netbook Pro

Posted by Deliverator on February 21st, 2006

One of the things that I have enjoyed about my Netbook Pro is that unlike any other HPC I have used, it ships with a pretty decent Java virtual machine. It includes an implementation of Sun’s Personal Java 1.2 specification called Jeode, made by Insignia Solutions. It include a plugin for Pocket IE 6 that allows for Java applets embedded in web pages. Most Java applications run in the applet context run just fine, but the story changes when trying to run Java programs locally. Jeode doesn’t seem to let one specify a working directory when starting a Java Application, so it is pretty much impossible to store Java Applications in their own folders, making for a lot of file clutter. I have been unable to find a way to execute any Java programs (that need access to the local filesystem) from anything other than the root directory. On a wince device, the root directory is stored in ram. I have gone to great lengths to avoid using ram as storage on my Windows CE based devices, as not only is it volatile (subject to erasure should the batteries loose power), but what little is available I try to allocate for use by running programs.

Anyone have any undocumented magic command line switches (that have not been documented in any of the official documentation or on the Interweb, afaict)? Sun’s own Personal Java implementation will do this with the -setcwd switch, but their implementation for CE is based on an earlier version of the spec and is a discontinued beta version.