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Rockbox progress on iRiver H300 series

Posted by Deliverator on February 22nd, 2006

Rockbox for the iRiver H300 series is progressing at a very rapid pace. It has only been a month since color support was released and already there are a ton of very high quality .WPS theme files available. There are even some people working on a desktop side theme browser to make choosing and downloading theme files easier. One of the neatest new developments has been the addition of support for displaying album cover art while playing back an album. It took a long time for Rockbox to get up to speed on the H300 series, but they are sure steaming along these days. I think this is really the tipping point for the Rockbox project, with Rockbox now being unquestionably superior to the official firmware in nearly every way.

H300 series with cover art!