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Posted by Deliverator on March 2nd, 2006

Made it down to Portland this afternoon. It is 1:30 AM and we are still working hard. Have to get up at 6 tomorrow to uncrate the robot at 7:45 tomorrow. We will be very busy with autonomous programming for much of the day. Here are some brief thoughts on the day:

-Mobile SWN nodes are cool! Had two passengers online almost the whole way to Portland. Students in Larry’s van were using it too, but they had to stay pretty close to get good reception. Might consider a roof mounted antenna in the future.

-Took my annual trip to Powells, although I only got to stay for an hour. Bought some books by Alastair Reynolds and Elizabeth Moon. Kept it to 4 this time around….a personal best.

-Brad Moore’s snores are likely to result in another federal disaster mismanagement probe in which everyone points at someone else

-The Courtyard Marriot is a big step up from the place we stayed at last year, but their wifi is abysmal and only availabe in a very small area of the hotel. They do provide wired jacks in the rooms, but I don’t bring ethernet with my PDA. Will have to investigate some of the portable wifi access points on the market. It couldn’t hurt to get a Socket Low Power Ethernet card, either. I am using my EDGE connection atm, so am very bandwidth limited. Will upload pictures from today when I get a chance.