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Strong Performance, Poor Results

Posted by Deliverator on March 4th, 2006

Since my last update, a lot has happened. Ryan arrived late last night.
Even after a long day of school and many hours stuck in traffic he pulled
out his laptop and got to work updating the autonomous code. Almost
everyone got up extra early this morning and helped out with the testing
the last minute code revisions. It was really nice to see everyone turn
out to be supportive of the few people who could do the coding work. Ryan
managed to get a lot done in a very short time and we are now scoring 8
or 9 of or 10 balls during autonomous, again.

We have been performing very well, individually, but we have for the most
been paired with poor performing partners. In our last match,TRC scored
all of our teams 38 points and both of our teamates were tipped over or
immobile for almost the entire match. Ian managed to play strong defense
against 3 very good offensive bots (including 254, one of the best teams
in the nation) for the entire match, holding them to 58 points.

It is disappointing to have won soo few matches while playing very well.
I haven’t taken a look at or seed ranking for in a while, but my guess is
it has taken quite a nose dive. I hope the seeded teams have been paying
attention, so that we get picked for a strong alliance during the
playoffs.Still, I am very pleased with our performance thus far,
especially given the lack of practice time before coming to the
competition. I am very pleased with the team involvement this year. Many
more students have dug in and made significant contributions to the club,
hopefully learning a thing or two along the way and having fun and making
friends. The TRC may not defend its back to back titles this time around,
but I think we have made a very strong showing and will be even stronger
this next year.