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Marking Time

Posted by Deliverator on March 14th, 2006

We all note the passage of time in our own unique ways. One of the things that makes me note “hey, another year has gone by” is my annual purchasing of the humungous and authoritative anthology “The Year’s Best Science Fiction” edited by Gardner Dozois. I have been reading these annually for as many year’s as I have been able to read. I had very little pocket change growing up and more than that, there were few places nearby to spend it, so my insatiable reading addiction had to be satisfied by the local library. As such, my personal collection did not start until the 7th annual anthology. I recently started a minor personal quest to make my complete my collection. It has taken months of searching, but the end is in sight. As of a few days ago, I now own every yearly anthology from the 2nd to the 22nd.

The second annual edition was particularly difficult to nail down, as it has become quite collectible for rather more morbid reasons. The cover depicts a “future history” of New York, starting with the present on the far left and the distant future on the right. The leftmost part of the cover shows the World Trade Center, with a fireball explosion blooming out of the upper floors of the building. The cover art for this book was created in the early 80’s, almost twenty years before 9/11.

Dozois Second Annual Anthlology

As of now, the only one for which I am still searching is the first annual collection from 1983. I have found copies of it for sale, but not for much less than ~$500, which *personal obsessions aside* I am not willing to pay.