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Atlanta and Bust

Posted by Deliverator on March 14th, 2006

Puchased my airline tickets to go with the TRC to the International FIRST Champsionship in Atlanta. I was actually able to use my frequent flyer miles, so I don’t have to pay anything for the flight. I had been saving those miles to visit my brother, Scott, so it is really just a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Still, with taxes and health care payments due soon, I would rather keep my pockets a little more full in the near term. I am planning on trying to have more fun in the evenings, this time around, which I am certain will burn cash at a high rate. I would probably be better off locking myself in the hotel room with a cup of top ramen, but what fun would that be? I think I am going to try and take the kids to another Brave’s baseball game, find a good Jazz joint and Amy found a Segway tour of the city.

My father might come along as well, but I think he is going to hold off on his decision until the last minute in case my grandma’s health takes a turn for the worse.