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VMware Server – Now Free (As in Beer)

Posted by Deliverator on March 14th, 2006

VMware has made the latest BETA version of their product, VMware Server, free. They promise that future beta versions and the final version will be free as well. VMware has been developing their virtual machine products for quite a long time now, and even though it is a BETA release, I have found it to be quite stable and haven’t noticed any bugs, yet. I have been a paying user of VMware Workstation for quite a while now and I have to say that Server is a nice bump up in features. The ability to remotely manage running VMs from another computer is particularly nice. Think of it as remote desktop, only at a local console level. Vmware Server also makes it easy to move VMs between different physical servers. This is a particularly nice feature, as one could simply move a VM over to another physical server if the machine it was originally running on needed to be taken down for upgrades/maintenance. It should be possible to perform a “rolling” upgrade on a cluster of servers with almost no perceptible downtime, simply by bouncing the VMs from one computer to another, as needed.