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An evening with a master

Posted by Deliverator on March 19th, 2006

When it comes to art, very few people can inargueably claim to be masters of their craft. One person who can make such a claim is Ray Harryhausen. Ray Harryhausen is one of the great pioneers of special effects (particularly, stop frame animation) in cinema. His effects are some of the most “believeable” that have ever graced the silver screen. Without the benefits of computers, he breathed life into dead skeletons in “Jason and the Argonauts” and created a giant ape for far less than King Kong’s 200 million dollar budget in “Mighty Joe Young.” On the evening of April 4th, he will be speaking and showing clips from his movies at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle. He will also be signing copies of his new book, The Art of Ray Harryhausen. I have four tickets to the event. If you would like to join me, post a comment listing some reasons why you are oh so worthy.