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Minimo Nightly Builds

Posted by Deliverator on March 19th, 2006

Doug Turner, the lead developer of Minimo, recently updated the project to build against the Mozilla 1.8 code tree. Minimo is now being compiled nightly, with a windows based installer available here. This is a nice change from the past, infrequent way that updated versions were released to the public. I wish that the nightly build was being released in .cab form, so that it could be downloaded directly onto a Windows CE device without needing to connect up to a full blown Windows box using Activesync. The windows based installer just plops a .cab file into the Activesync directory, to be installed when next the PDA syncs, so it isn’t like it would be hard to do. I know of several people whose sole computing device is their HPC, or who travel away from home for months on end, so a direct installer would be nice.