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Posted by Deliverator on April 18th, 2006

I scanned my email briefly this morning and saw a message from Casey saying something to the effect that SWN Hacknight was going to be tonight at the Redline. We normally meet on Wednesday. Anyways, after a late afternoon meeting, I headed to Redline for the meeting, only to find that the cafe was closed for a few hours, to prepare for a movie night. I called Casey to alert him and ask him to send another message to the list to announce a change of venue. He was more than a little confused, as he didn’t remember sending the message, although he admitted that he has been stressed enough that he simply might have forgotten sending it. He quickly checked his inbox and found a newly arrived copy of the message. Turns out the message was sent a MONTH ago and the mail server had only just now spit it out! I know email has no guarantee of delivery….but yeeesh!