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Why, Yes!

Posted by Deliverator on April 23rd, 2006

In can now response in the affirmative to to my earlier post, entitled “Is that a Linux Box in your Pocket?”

I have been mucking about with Debian on an old laptop for a while, to re-familiarize myself with the distribution and as a build environment for a Debian install on my Jornada 720. Under Debian, I had enough difficulty working with the compact flash to which my pint sized Linux distro would be installed, that I fell back upon a Ubuntu install in VMware on my main box. In my VMware hosted Ubuntu, I was able to work with the install files for 720 Degrees Linux, but attempting to uncompress the main install tarball would fail midway through, and most of the time would hang the VM. I finally hit paydirt with a boot-cd based distro, Knoppix 4.

Knoppix flawlessly detected my all my PCs hardware, including CF card and NIC, allowing me to download the install files for 720 Degrees Linux and extract them to the CF card (after a little partitioning, formatting and mounting). I plopped the card into my Jornada, booted into Wince and executed the bootloader. The Jornada 720 doesn’t have a flashable bootrom, so you have to boot into Wince to kickoff Linux. 720 Degrees Linux came up happily and I ran the base configuration tool to set up users, timezones, etc. I added 720 Degrees own apt repository, as well as the Debian ARM repository. Debian has an official APT repository for apps compiled for the ARM processor, so there is a wealth of GNU goodness just waiting to be installed.

I was able to get my trusty Orinoco Silver pcmcia card working and am now in the process of downloading all sorts of console applications. I am going to hold off with experimenting with the pain in the ass that is X until tomorrow :)

Jornada 720 Linux Jornada 720 Linux 2