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Posted by Deliverator on May 4th, 2006

Well, I have virtually run out of Lucasarts Scumm games to play using ScummVM. I came to wondering whether there was any equivalent project for Sierra’s classic adventure games. Unfortunately, unlike Lucasarts, with their unified “Scumm” scripting system, Sierra games were implemented with a large number of tools. The chief systems used in Sierra adventure games were AGI for their earlier works and various versions of SCI for their later adventure games. While there are some interpreters to allow these games to be played on modern platforms, such as NAGI and FreeSCI, neither is nearly as mature and polished as ScummVM. So, what can one do, short of busting a 486 out of the closet? One solution that I have found is DOSBox. DOSBox is an opensource project that implements a large subset of the operating system and hardward environment of an old DOS computer, including all the oddball sound and video cards in use 15-25 years ago (Wow, has it really been that long?). DOSBox in itself is a bit of a pain to use, but couple it with a nice graphical front end like D-Fend and running old Dos games becomes a breeze. One of the nice things about D-Fend is allows one to create environment profiles for each game and create a direct icon to launch each game. So, if a game runs better with a Sound Blaster 16 or a EGA graphics card, then give it a EGA graphics card. So far, I haven’t found an old Dos game which DOSBox will not play. So far I have tested:

-Doom 2
-Gabriel Knight
-Goblins 1 and 2
-Hero’s Quest (later renamed Quest for Glory)
-King’s Quest I, II and III
-Wing Commander: Privateer
-Quest for Glory II
-Quest for Glory I – VGA
-Space Quest I – EGA and VGA
-Space Quest II