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Back from a little R&R

Posted by Deliverator on May 12th, 2006

I’ve been taking a little R&R up at Lake Chelan this past week along with my dad and grandmother. My grandmother has a time-share at Wapato Point for 3 weeks every year. The weather was very nice, but because it is the off season, there were few people there to enjoy it. We spent a lot of time outdoors, walking around Manson and the beach.

The highlight for me was a side-trip we took to Dry Falls, a waterfall that at one point stretched 3 and half miles long and had more water flowing over it than all the rivers in the world combined. The periodic floods that rushed over Dry Falls during the last ice age were of truely biblical proportions, and are responsible for much of the landscape of Eastern Washington. It is thought that at least one such flood sent 300′ deep water spilling over the falls at 65 miles per hour for at least several days. This and other floods (one researcher named David Alt sees evidence for up to 100 floods) was enough to scour channels hundreds of feet deep (right down to bedrock). All throughout the otherwise flat areas in the flood’s path are house sized boulders of Basalt that were tossed for many miles by the floods.

Dry Falls