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Countdown to SIFF 2006!

Posted by Deliverator on May 14th, 2006

Seattle International Film Festival is just around the corner (starts the 25th)! I have been going to SIFF for a number of years now, and my involvement seems to increase every year. Last year I went to well over a dozen films. I started going to SIFF with just Alex, but other friends have grown interested in it over the years. Due to people’s work/school schedules, taste in movies, etc., coming up with a schedule has grown progressively more difficult. Alex and I originally would just consult the program, circle films that we liked and a rough ranking and then hash things out over dinner. These days, it is a little more complex. For the last few years, I have breaking out what I have come to refer as “Dan’s Spreadsheet of Doom!” Alex came up with a similar sheet that used Macros, but I prefer mine, still. Somehow, I can’t help feeling like conjuring this year’s schedule will be akin to the scene in Cryptonomicon where all the relatives are trying to settle their grandparent’s inheritance by using cartesian graphs. So far, no less than half a dozen people have indicated their desire to go to SIFF movies, which will likely make this year’s schedule the most complex yet. Thankfully, SIFF has released the schedule ontime for a change. You can consult the list of movies that will be shown here. Print copies courtesy of The Stranger should be available soon, as well. Please try to get your movies lists to me ASAP, along with some sense of how badly you want to see each film.