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Comment Spam

Posted by Deliverator on May 22nd, 2006

The amount of comment spam that I have to moderate has gone up substantially in the last few weeks. On average, I am now receiving over 100 comment spams a day, a threefold increase over last year’s average. The techniques used by these spammers has also markedly changed, with many producing pseudo-relevant commentary on a particular post’s content. This variety of comment spam takes a little more consideration by myself to properly categorize as spam, which has raised my burden in spam filtering substantially. As such, I am going to resort to more draconian measures. Starting today, I am running all comments through Akismet, a black box spam filtering service, which is reputed to remove the vast majority of comment and trackback spam, while having a very low false positive rate. Please alert me via a backchannel if your legitimate comments aren’t showing up at all. I only moderate comments about once a day, so please wait at least that long before contacting me. If you have thoughts about Akismet or other spam filtering/prevention mechanisms, I would love to hear about them.