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iRiver H320 – Rockbox Battery Testing- Before

Posted by Deliverator on June 19th, 2006

I decided I would test the battery life improvements in the latest rockbox myself. My first test was to benchmark my player using its existing 1300mah battery. This is the stock battery that is standard on all H300 series players. My battery is much degraded compared to its original life, having been in use since November of 2004. I did my first benchmark using firmware that was released just prior to the “suspend usb host controller” patch. I will patch my firmware to a post patch firmware and perform another benchmark after my battery has been recharged. I tried to run the benchmark in as close to a real life scenario as possible, which in my case means a directory of 64 – 128 kbps mp3 podcasts. Playback of higher bitrate mp3 files or files encoded in the ogg format will result in higher power usage and therefore lower battery life.

The rockbox battery benchmark logs quite a bit of data and keeps it in an easy to analyze format, a comma seperated value text file. I imported the data into Excel and whipped up this quick chart.

Battery Life Rockbox Prepatch

The short of it is, that using the old firmware, I managed to get about 9 hours 10 minutes out of my old battery before it shut off.

NOTE – I typoed the date in the title of the graph. It should read 05/06/06