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iRiver H320 – Rockbox Battery Testing – After

Posted by Deliverator on June 20th, 2006

I ran another battery benchmark last night. This time I used “Koch’s” custom build, based on code checked out from the main CVS on 06/17/06. With this version, I managed to get 14 hours 20 minutes out of my 1.5 year old 1300mah battery. Compare this to the 9 some odd hours the same battery could get using a firmware only a little more than a month old and one has a very good reason to upgrade. It should be noted that the battery benchmark plugin only logs data whenever the hdd is spun up to read more data, or an hour has gone by. The data points on each graph stop at a point corresponding to about 9% battery life remaining, so in actuality, the real battery life is a wee bit better than each of these benchmarked results. I can’t wait to test again once my “Newertech” 2200mah battery arrives.

Here is a graph of both data sets side by side:

Rockbox Battery Benchmark