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2200 mah Newertech Battery Upgrade for H320

Posted by Deliverator on June 30th, 2006

The replacement battery for my iRiver H320, mentioned previously in this entry, arrived today from Australia. I pulled out my nice jeweler’s screwdriver set, and searched for a set of instructions for performing the battery swap. As usual for anything pertaining to iRiver, the best source of information turned out to be a thread on Mistic River‘s forums.

Five screws and a careful seperation of the casing later, I had the old battery in front of me. In their great wisdom, or just to make any end user maintainance difficult, iRiver made the battery plug in on the backside of the mainboard, requiring almost complete disassembly to swap the battery. Evidently, they want you to buy a new one every year – sound familiar?

I had to carefully set aside the existing battery, remove two rubber moldings, two metal brackets, the hard drive, 8 further screws and pop off the other side of the casing to get access to the battery plug. After carefully working the battery plug out, you discover that iRiver uses the reverse polarity (although same connector) as the iPod. So, I had to carefully raise two miniscule tabs on the connector to remove the wires, swap their positions and then crimp the tabs down to lock the wires in place. Now came the fun part – I had to put this collection of pieces back together. iRiver crams a ton of hardware in this little package! Part by part I reassembled my H320. My hands were shaking the whole time, half out of excitement, half out of fear. I still think there is no finer HDD based player than the H300 series, especially with all the added functionality of the official international firmware and Rockbox, although some owners of the H100 series and a whole army of iPod trolls (whose posts I will delete out of my moderation que) will argue with me. I was quite fearful of messing up and having to try and acquire a H320 or H340 on the used market. I finally got everything all closed up and put my H320 on the charger and everything appears to work. It is charging now, but I will perform a battery benchmark soon.