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Opera 8.6 on Netbook Pro (and possibly other CE devices)

Posted by Deliverator on June 30th, 2006

I spent some time in #HPCDEV on Efnet with Monica (Cmonex on IRC), perhaps the most experienced CE application hacker in the world. She was attempting to get the latest release of Opera to run on CE .Net HPC devices. She had no luck with the NEC Mobile Pro 900c, but wanted to try it on a Netbook Pro, as many of the .dll function libraries on the Netbook Pro are far more complete than on just about any other CE 4.2 device. Working remotely, Cmonex diagnosed every error message and walked me through the edits needed to fix them. We (she, really) managed to get the final PPC 2003 build of Opera 8.6 running in just a few minutes. We then tried the WM5 build, which supposedly is a bit better than the PPC 2003 build in a few areas. This one took a bit longer to figure out, but she managed to get it working as well. Expect a post on HPC Factor shortly with instructions on how to DIY. She will likely post pre-edited versions on her site as well.

I am pretty impressed with Opera so far. The rendering quality is better than IE and probably edges out IE in speed as well. Minimo still has win for overall rendering quality, but is much slower than either Opera or IE. I think I will run Opera as my main web browser for a few weeks to get a better sense for its quirks. The version Cmonex hacked to get running on the Netbook Pro is a 30 day trial, but I believe that a modest $24 will net you a registration code to convert it to the full.