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X on 720 Degrees Linux

Posted by Deliverator on June 30th, 2006

Earlier this week, I finally managed to get X up and running on my Jornada 720 (running 720 Degrees Linux). Before getting a chance to try out any window managers, I managed to royally hose the filesystem, requiring a complete reinstall. I’ve had a number of work related projects on my plate this week, so didn’t get a chance to reinstall 720 Degrees Linux and do all the fidly X configuration until now. I managed to get X up and running and shortly thereafter had Window Maker running as well. The two biggest problems I have run into is the lack of a way to right click and the ginormous fonts used in the xterm. Hopefully, I will be able to rig up a modifier key to treat any screen taps while the alt key (or something similar) is held down as a right click. I am going to experiment with a couple other light window managers in the next couple days to see if there is a better fit for the Jornada’s small screen size and low resources (206mhz arm with 64 MB of ram).

Window Maker on J720