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Server Yoyo

Posted by Deliverator on July 5th, 2006

Ryan brought Oasis’s (old server) data drive over the other night. We struggled to get it recognized on the DL 380’s sole EIDE port (it is pretty much a 100% scsi system, with a EIDE bus only to support the cd-rom). Moving to Plan B, I mounted the disk in an old Dell desktop I had laying around, booted into Linux using Knoppix (version 5 was just released!), mounted the drive, futzed with some permissions issues and then transfered the contents of the drive to Frankenputin (new server) using Rsync. Rsync is a great tool for syncing data over a network, with built in integrity checking and differential transfers. Rsync transfered the data flawlessly, although the transfer took quite a while to complete, as the two systems were connected through a 802.11b link. I handed Ryan back the old server’s hard drive tonight and he has reinstalled it in Oasis, while we arrange to colo the new server with Chris Flugstad’s outfit, Cascade Link. Ryan has been busy setting up Apache, Mysql, etc., so we are pretty much just waiting to get our move-in date from Chris.