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It’s Alive! It’s Alive! Frankenputin is Alive! Igor, champagne for everyone!

Posted by Deliverator on July 16th, 2006 is now being hosted on Frankenputin (new server). A few services like the mailing lists are staying on Oasis (old server) until Ryan is able to test the migration path, but the web sites are now all hosted on Frankenputin. Ryan has gotten most of the heavily trafficed sites up and will work on the minor/archived sites as time allows. Frankenputin currently resides alongside Oasis, but will hopefully be moved soon to a new facility at the offices of CascadeLink. Now that the main software changes have been made, it should be a simple matter of a dns change. Ryan uses no-ip for dns, so the changeover should be almost instant. Silverfir will incur another few hours of downtime while we physically move the server and drive arrays, but after that, hopefully Silverfir’s new home on Frankenputin will enable it to achieve uninterrupted service (at least due to the hardware) for a long time to come. Oasis will remain in place as a backup server and will be synced with Frankenputin on a regular basis. Theo has been working on a revision control system for the server which should allow for point-in-time differential backups, which should protect us against any unfortunate software or user induced malfunctions.