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Galleries are Back Up

Posted by Deliverator on July 18th, 2006

Ryan noticed that his gallery install was having some issues earlier today. On a hunch, I tried accessing mine and sure enough, my gallery was horribly, horribly broken by the move, as well. I decided I might as well upgrade to 1.5.3 while fixing the other problems, so I went ahead and steeled myself for a couple hours of head scratching and google searching. I quickly tackled a problem with absolute paths being used in one of the config files, rather than a path relative to the webroot or gallery root directories. I then encountered a few permissions problems that were quickly fixed. Finally, I encountered a problem with Gallery not being able to use short names for directories, which more or less broke every image link on the site, as I had always copy pasted the short urls, and gallery could no longer use anything other than hugely long ones. According to the configuration wizard, this was supposedly due to an issue with a .htaccess file or mod_rewrite being enabled in Apache. I would have been trying to figure that one out for hours, but for Theo’s help in eliminating those possibilities and quicky settling on the issue being with a vhosts config file.

I haven’t done much in depth checking, yet, but my gallery now appears to be working at its usual level of disfunction. If you notice any problems with the gallery or other areas of this site, please let me know.