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Tivo to Go – Decrypted!

Posted by Deliverator on January 24th, 2005

So, a little while back, Tivo released a feature called “Tivo to Go.” The idea is that you can download shows off your network equiped – Series 2 – Tivo onto your PC. The catch is that the files have DRM. Or rather, they *had* DRM until this guy figured out how to extract the MPEG 2 streams on Windows! The process is fairly simple and my guess is it will get simpler. I haven’t had a chance to test this yet, as I only have a series 1 Tivo. The series 2 Tivos are about $100 and you can add a WiFi card for $20. I will definitely buy one as soon as my series 1 box’s yearly subscription expires. Another nice thing about the series 2 Direct-Tivo units is they are capable of capturing 2 shows simultaneously. This means your Tivo can record 2 shows, while you watch one that is already stored. This is very helpful if you are a fan of shows that are on during prime hours, as popular shows are often scheduled for the same hour in order to force viewers to make a choice.