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CronusKey Unlocks Newest CVS Camera – Model 230

Posted by Deliverator on August 1st, 2006

CVS Model 230

This evening, I picked my mother up at the airport. She had just been to visit my brother in Cleveland. While there, she picked up a couple more CVS video cameras for me. I love my mother! My excitement was a little tempered when I noticed a “new and improved” sticker on the front of the package. Supposedly, Puredigital is releasing a new version of the CVS camera that counters the new CronusKey unlock method, which has made virtually all Puredigital manufactured products software unlockable once again. I was afraid that my cameras were the new, impossible to unlock type. As it turns out, my fears were unfounded. Both were the recent, but still unlockable, model 230 version. I was able to determine the version by looking through the clear plastic at the bottom of the package. On the bottom of the camera, printed on a sticker is the model number. This may be helpful if you are trying to find a hackable camera still on store shelves, once the new ones hit the stores.

Once the deboxing was accomplished, a quick “nerve pinch” button combo determined that both cameras had the following fw info:

08/01/2006 05:10
Realm ID = 20
PCB VER: DC-6910 A3

It is interesting to note that the CVS camera now has an internal clock. Could they intend to use the clock in future cryptographic schemes, or is it just present to date stamp the video? From what I know, there is one firmware revision for the model 230 cameras beyond the one on my two newly purchased units. This later firmware revision is also software unlockable using the CronusKey method, so not to worry. So far, if you get any model 230, it should be unlockable. Besides the clock, the new model 230 appears to have a couple other changes. The circuit board design is very different from my fw version 3.62 and 3.70 cameras. It appears to be using a new CPU, a ZORAN ZR36460BGCG Coach 8 processor and now mounts the imaging CCD directly to the board. Video is now encoded at 384×288, versus older models encoded video at true quarter VGA resolution, 320*240. All exterior similarities aside, this is a very different piece of hardware inside the box.

However, Ops .19 when used in conjunction with CronusKey version 1.3 to find the correct challenge/response keypair, will still unlock the camera and perform basic functions like download videos. I haven’t tried messing around with any camera parameters just yet. With the camera’s higher default resolution, I am very curious about playing around with the resolution/bitrate settings to see what quality of video the CCD is really capable of outputting. Anyways, go out and have some mischievous fun with these wonderful little $30 video cameras.