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Carputer Upgrades

Posted by Deliverator on September 20th, 2006

I have been contemplating doing some upgrades to the carputer for some time. I would really like to shrink the carputer’s footprint quite a bit, so that it can be moved completely out of sight (including cable runs) under the passenger seat or into the bulkhead space taken up by the stereo system. To accomplish this, I would have to shift to an even smaller components, such as a Via Nano-ITX motherboard, smaller powersupply, etc. I would particularly like to stop using shock damage prone hard drives for storage. Samsung has been shipping 32 GB solid state disks to OEM’s (noteably Sony, for use in their non-umpc umpc) for a while and TDK has been sampling their own solid state disks as well. It is only a matter of time until these trickle down into the consumer space. I would also like to replace my current touchscreen with a transflective model., from whom I have purchased a number of carputer components in the past (with great satisfaction at their responsive service), is selling a transflective kit for a reasonable chunk of flesh. I would also like to get a display with a more standard native resolution. I have seen a number of 8″ displays (only slightly larger than my current 7″ Lilliput) with 800*600 native resolution. My current display has a very non-standard native resolution of something like 808*480, which is not supported by the onboard video on my motherboard and makes for rather blurry fonts. Last, but not least, I would like to upgrade to iGuidance 3.0, which now has a version specifically for 7″ display equiped carputers and UMPCs. I have to mull things over a bit more, but will probably be making some preliminary purchases in the next few days.