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SingleClick VNC

Posted by Deliverator on October 7th, 2006

After a brief testing period, I recently started using SingleClick VNC with a limited subset of my clients. SingleClick is a special version of the popular UltraVNC remote access software. The main defining feature of SingleClick is that you can send it to an unskilled computer user, have them doubleclick on it (despite the program’s name, most Windows users still use doubleclick to launch, not the strange singleclick mode that was briefly introduced with Win ME) and the “server” will connect outward through any NAT/Firewall to a listening client. This is a rather odd reversal of the conventional client/server relationship, but it works well. The NAT traversal feature is really useful, as many users have integrated combo DSL/routers whose settings (like port forwarding) cannot be modified (even if they had the skill to do so). Another nice aspect of SingleClick VNC is that the whole package is built as a solitary exe file, which does not install any services, access the registry or write to any permanent files. When you exit the program, all that remains is the exe file. The way this works is that you create a config file (with such settings such as the ip address the program should attempt to connect to when the user double clicks on it), some icons, a background and logo bitmap and then zip up the files and upload them to a service on SingleClick’s website. The service takes these files and builds them into a custom exe. It took me just a few minutes to create a customized version with my own artwork and instructions to the user.

If you are in the PC support biz or just want to be able to better help Grandma, I highly recommend giving SingleClick a try. If you have a problem you think I might be able to help with and are willing to pay, feel free to download my customized copy of SingleClick by clicking on the image below.

Base 10 Computers - Remote Support Client