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Night Photography with Ryan

Posted by Deliverator on October 21st, 2006

Ryan and I decided to hang out this evening and do a little night photography. I arrived quite early, so had a Cup of Joe at Trabant, had a couple of hot dogs at Matt’s and checked out Jim’s Camera Shop. Jim’s is an oddball, infrequently open, little hole in the wall which has generated several mentions from Matt Westervelt at recent SWN Hacknights as a great place to get used lenses. I am mainly looking for a fast wide angle for my new D80, but they didn’t have much in that category. I was somewhat intrigued by a 500mm fixed f/8 mirror-lens, which uses a mix of mirrors and lenses to achieve its considerable throw in a very compact, if somewhat pudgy six inch long frame. The lens seemed to be in great functional shape, though it is cosmetically a little worse for wear, having been manufactured in the mid-70’s. I like some of the effects that can be produced as a result of using this sort of lens. From what I can gather from a brief search of ebay and other venues, I should be able to pick up the same lens in much better cosmetic shape for about the same price as Jim’s is asking for it. I am going to be in the U district tomorrow to see The Prestige, so I might try and dicker Jim’s price down, if they are open. After meeting up with Ryan, we went cavorting around Seattle, setting up our tripods and taking pictures of whatever caught our fancy. You can see some of my pictures from this evening by clicking on the image below.

Night Photography