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Nokia 870 – Details Revealed

Posted by Deliverator on November 22nd, 2006

In the last few weeks, several grainy camera-phone pics and some gnomic comments from Nokia insiders has revealed quite a bit of information on the hotly anticipated successor to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

Nokia 870?

Nokia 870?

The device is presumed to be named the 870, although that is pure speculation at this point. Here are some things that are well established at this point:

  • Nokia has ditched the god-awful reduced size MMC format in favor of TWO mini-SD card slots. One of the two cards is found in the battery bay, while the other will be externally accessible while the device is on. This is a very welcome change. It should allow for easy use of the 870 as a photopreview and photo upload tool. Additionally, it should be a very welcome change for those who use the excellent Maemo Mapper gps system or for people that like to watch movies. This change to Mini-SD is representative of changes in their cellular phone lineup as well.
  • The 870 will have an integrated stand, allowing for easy viewing/use on a table
  • The bottom “bulge” has been removed and all connectors (headphone, usb, power) have been moved to the right side of the device. This should make for a far more attractive/ergonomic device, imo.
  • There has been some consolidation in the number of buttons and the buttons and rocker are smaller. This is not a welcome change for me, as I found the rocker a bit on the small side already in the 770 and felt that there weren’t enough buttons. It would have been nice to have a few unmapped buttons on the right side of the device for application specific use. The buttons on the 870 are no longer discrete/seperated either, but are merged into a sort of 3-way rocker. I am really concerned about how this could impact applications like FBreader, which make heavy use of these buttons.
  • There is now a pop out camera on the left side of the tablet. The camera faces the user, so is presumably for video phone type functionality. The camera can not be rotated, so those of you who had ideas of using the display as a viewfinder while snapping pics had best calm down and start writing Nokia about features for the 970. Personally, I think adding a crappy video camera to the 870 does little for the saleability of the 870 and may actually hurt sales in some markets/businesses which have restrictions on cameras in the office place. I am concerned that Nokia is spending time developing marginally useful video-phone applications, while more important issues like a decent email client and official bluetooth keyboard support remain unresolved.
  • The processor in the 870 appears to be an ARM6, which should allow some applications which require a floating point unit to be ported. Unfortunately, these applications will not be backwards compatible with the 770, so this may somewhat split the developer community. No word yet as to the frequency at which the new processor will be clocked.
  • The 870 will features Opera 8.5 as its web browser versus 8.20 in the 770. There is some evidence that the rendering engine which the browser uses can be switched as well.
  • No word yet as to how much ram will be incorporated in the 870. The 64 MB in the 770 was utterly inadequate, even with the addition of official swap file support.