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Nokia Internet Tablet Errata

Posted by Deliverator on November 29th, 2006

Some new pictures and info on the successor device to the 770 (presumably named the 870) have popped up on Engadget. There are some small differences between these pictures and those previously released, as well as some conflicting information provided from reputable inside sources. This has lead several people (including myself) to conclude that the 870 is at a late prototype stage and probably won’t see store shelves for another 3-6 months. In particular, the following is new/conflicting to what has been previous reported:

-Camera will rotate (contradicting previous information), allowing for use of screen as a viewfinder. Camera quality is fairly low and intended primarily as a webcam – in keeping with the device’s “walkabout web” role. Don’t expect this to replace your digicam.

-Comes with a leather case.

-Comes with 180 MB of memory. I presume this to mean 64 MB of flash and 128 MB of ram. I would have preferred more flash for application storage, but 128 MB is about right for the ram needs of such a device.

-There will indeed be two memory card slots. A Mini-SD slot can be found sharing the battery compartment. The external slot remains a RS-MMC slot. This contradicts previous information that the device would have two Mini-SD slots.

The new pictures on Engadget are worth close scrutiny, as they show the built in stand and top buttons for the first time.

In other 770 news, Canola Media Player will be launching today and will be released on Maemo Garage. Canola is one of the most impressive applications created specifically for the 770. It is a media player for both local and streaming media sources and includes support for a number of popular UPnP media servers. Canola is capable of playing a wide variety of audio and video standards, as well as popular picture formats. There are a number of excellent videos of Canola in action on YouTube and beta testers have been singing its praises. With the 770’s excellent 800*480 screen and wireless connectivity options, Canola may just be the killer app for the 770. Forget the Zune’s crappy wifi integration, this is how wireless capability should be leveraged for media! I look forward to being able to pull out my 770 and have access to my full media collection whenever it strikes my fancy.

In a last bit of news, the Maemo dev team announced a fork off Sardine, the bleeding edge version of the Hildon Application Framework. Sardine as it stands now will be forked off into a stabilization branch called Herring. Herring is feature complete and all work on this branch will be of the bug fix/polishing variety. The creation of this stabilization branch is a strong indication that Nokia is trying to wrap up the next version of the IT OS (presumeably IT 2007, if they follow their naming convention) for release on the Nokia 870.