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Posted by Deliverator on January 26th, 2005

I finally managed to win an auction for a Jornada 720! It cost me more than I would like, but realisticly, I wasn’t going to be able to get one for much less. This one is described as being in *MINT* condition, so hopefully the extra money will be worth it. This one also comes with a number of nice extras, like a USB cradle (most Jornadas only shipped with serial cables, which made for slow synching). I will probably end up buying a large type I CF card at some point, as well as an extended life battery (has 3 times the run-time of the standard battery). I plan on using the Jornada mainly as a wireless platform, while out and about. WiFi cards tend to use 100-200 mw of power, which limits you to about 3 hours of use with the standard battery, so the extended battery is almost a requirement for my purposes. I may pickup a CF Wifi card at some point, to free up the PCMCIA slot, so that I can use a type 2 microdrive in an adapter in the PCMCIA slot instead.

I have been trying to get one for a few weeks, but usually lost at the last minue to snipers. I lost an auction for one this morning by $1.50 in the very final seconds, after it soared in price by nearly $200 in the final hour! Most of the auctions seem to have about 30 bids when they end, so these things are definitely quite popular. There is obviously demand for HPC form factor devices, I just don’t think it enough for a general marketplace. I think NEC (the last major manufacturer of HPC form-factor devices) markets their models mainly at corporate audiences. I think it will take something like the oQo or Flipstart to revitalize the HPC form-factor.