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The Great Dalmuti Party of ’06

Posted by Deliverator on December 31st, 2006

The McElroy family invited the Marsh clan and various others to their house for a New Year’s Eve’s Eve party. Much fun was had by all, especially by Ryan, who held the throne of The Great Dalmuti for much of the evening. Ryan required the person whose ill luck it was to be the Greater Peon of any particular round of the game to show his respect by bowing down, kissing his ring, doing the Hokey Pokey and other silly things. The Peon had to sit on a particularly uncomfortable folding chair, while The Great and Lesser Dalmuti’s sat in wonderful high backed chairs. This is a wonderful party game and I highly recommend it. After about a dozen rounds of Dalmuti (and after having spun around in circles to show my obeisance), I was feeling a bit ill, so I went into the other room and lay down for a bit. While away, the game switched to another game called Set, which also appeared to be quite fun.

A general gallery of the evening is available here