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Build Season is Underway

Posted by Deliverator on January 10th, 2007

The build season is officially underway! We had a design meeting Sunday evening and then prototyped a few things at Larry’s garage Monday afternoon. Larry is going to be out of town for the next 4-5 days. He is off to drop big things out of big planes, something which has become somewhat of hobby of his over the last few years :)

While he is away we will have to make due with what we can come prototype at school and at Ian’s house. By the time he gets back, we should have a better idea of the dingus-picker-upper mechanism. We have a lot of parts and metal on order as well. Hopefully when Larry gets back, we can go right to work on this year’s newfangled belt utilizing drive-train. You can check out cad drawings and pictures from the various meetings by clicking on the sweet, sweet drive-train below.

Belt Drive Train

In other TRC related news, the Joint Practice Field is a go! I am VERY excited about this project, which should have great benefit to all the participating FIRST teams from the area.