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Out with the Old….

Posted by Deliverator on January 15th, 2007

The TRC website has been in bad need of revamping for quite some time. Paul Malmsten, his sister Katelyn and assorted others have been hard at work to make it happen. The site has been in testing for quite a while on Erik Thulin’s stomping ground, FreedomDown. The site is based on WordPress, which should make hosting much simpler, as the previous site required Cold Fusion and LAMP servers are all the rage these days. The new site features a nifty new gallery, better calendaring system and oodles of other cool features. After squashing some nasty IE6 related formating issues, the site is finally ready to go live and the DNS changes have been made, so the new site should be taking place of the old at very shortly.

For posterity, here is a screenshot of the old site, followed by one of the sweet sweet new site:

Old TRC-492 Website

New TRC-492 Website