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Joint Practice Field – Day 1

Posted by Deliverator on January 15th, 2007

JPF Exterior

The Joint Practice Field Consortium is off to a strong start after its first full day at the new facility. The JPFC is an effort by local FIRST teams, who have not been given adequate access to their school’s facilities, to join together and establish a shared facility. The facility will feature a full size competition field, which can be used to practice driving, train the human player, and perform autonomous coding feats. Sharing the field and ideas with other teams, weekly Friday skirmish sessions, as well as a “Pre-ship Event” should help participating teams get a practical feel for this year’s game “Rack and Roll,” which will hopefully give them a competitive advantage at the PNW Regional in Portland this March. I am very excited about the JPFC, and am pleased by the showing of goodwill and GP exhibited by all the teams involved. To my knowledge, the establishment of the JPFC marks the widest, long term collaboration between PNW FIRST teams to date. For the record, the teams participating in this year’s JPFC are:

Titan Robotics Club – International School – (492)
Team XBOT (488)
-Eastlake Robotics (1294)
-Tahoma Senior HS (2046)
Issaquah Robotics Society – Issaquah HS – (1318)
Atom Smashers – Bellevue HS – (949)

Here are some pictures from our first day together at the JPF