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Greetings from Mexico!

Posted by Deliverator on January 23rd, 2007

Arrived yesterday after a rather painful flight. The flight was fine, but the changes in pressure were playing hell with my sinuses. Went to Le Bistro with my father and brother and had an excellent meal. A similar restaurant in New York would probably be $150-200 a plate, but down here it is maybe a tenth of that price. Luxury dining on the cheap! Tonight, we are going to La Palapa to hear Alberto Perez sing and tomorrow we are taking the boat to Yelapa if the weather is decent. It has been a little overcast with occasional rains, but has been warm enough that shorts and a t-shirt are comfortable well into the night. Anyways, lots of good fun and more to come.

I have been able to stay in reasonable touch thanks to my Nokia N800 and bluetooth keyboard and the plethora of Internet Cafe´s in the area. I found a good one two blocks away from the hotel. The connection is not terribly fast and it is rather high latency, but any bandwidth is good bandwidth. I am not trustful of publicly accessible machines, so have been sticking to wifi with my N800 with a SSH tunnel to a box I control for security. I have made a few phone calls to clients using Gizmo Project and it seems to be working well, although the latency in the connection is readily discernable. I hope to check in with the outside world once a day and try to offload some of my pictures. I have already almost used up a 2GB SD card.