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3 Days at JPF

Posted by Deliverator on February 5th, 2007

Spent the past 3 days at the Joint Practice Field. Friday, the TRC and Eastlake Robotics showed up and got the carpet in place, taped sections together and marked out all the field dimensions for this year’s FRC game. We then got the rack in place and did some driver/human player training.


After getting the field set up, Eastlake split their time between doing vision system coding and playing Halo on an Xbox, which they somehow managed to smuggle into the JPF in their shipping crate :)

Eastlake Playing Halo

Saturday, the TRC’s drive team headed to the JPF and drove Gaea, last years FRC robot, around the field for a good chunk of the day. I felt like this was time very well spent, as we got a good sense of upper limits for what is achievable during an all too short match period. I think Jonathan, this year’s drive train operator is going to be a great driver. He exhibits a great deal of poise and control on the field and has excellent spatial perception. We ran a number of exercises where he had to run the robot across the field at high speed, avoiding obstacles and then wind up carefully aligned to the rack (simulating scoring against opponents) and he nailed it more often than not on the first try. He also did a great job of getting up a simulated ramp.

Hopefully, we will have an actual ramp to train with shortly. Ian Hovander’s father Burt has been working hard to finalize a prototype ramp for this year’s competition. Burt managed to create a ramp that is very light (~18 pound estimated) but sturdy enough to endour several weeks of slamming by 120 pound robots. As light as he has made then, we are likely going to go over the weight limit if we choose to mount two of them on the robot. Hopefully we will be able to shave off enough weight in other places to enable us to mount two ramps.

Ethereal Ramp

On Sunday, Joel, Paul and I headed to the JPF to work on autonomous coding. Paul and Joel worked on merging some vision system object tracking code provided by Kevin Watson with our codebase. They ran into some difficulties due to different ways of handling serial ports, but I think they have most of the kinks worked out now. Hopefully we will have enough time to use the camera for something productive in this year’s competition. I spent most of the day putzing around cleaning up the JPF, putting up a target light and numbering the goals with a sharpie. Exciting, eh?

Target Light

Here is a link to pics from the JPF from the last 3 days.