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Serendipity – The Closed Circle

Posted by Deliverator on January 29th, 2005

A few weeks back I went and saw The Aviator, and it got me interested in Howard Hughes. Hughes movie Hell’s Angels was featured prominently in The Aviator and I managed to track down a copy. I started watching it last night. This morning, I took my neighbor Frances out to do her errands and have breakfast (she is 92 and no longer drives). Somehow, during our conversation we started talking about favorite old movie actors and actresses and Frances told me a story about going to Grauman’s Chinese Theater in1930 to see the opening of a movie along with a friend from Munsie, Indiana, Frances’ home town. Her friend was the heir to the “Ball Mason Jar” fortune. Ball Jar’s were decorative jars used for canning food and are very sought after collectibles. I am not sure how rich Frances’ friend was, but the Ball family bought and donated a small university to the state of Indiana in 1918. The grounds alone are valued at 1.1 Billion dollars at this time. Anyways, Frances remembered the actors and actresses got up after the show and went on stage and performed for the crowd. She recalled how they were not able to get very good seats and her friend had to sit in the front row next to the platinum blonde actress from the film. There were not many platinum blonde actresses in Hollywood prior to Marilyn Monroe, so I was able to quickly deduce that the actress could have been none other than the original blonde bombshell, Jean Harlow, star of Hell’s Angels!