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Is that a Shub-Niggurath in your pocket?

Posted by Deliverator on February 20th, 2007

For quite a while, it has been possible to play Doom on the Nokia 770 and Nokia N800 internet tablets. Recently, it became possible to play Quake 2 on the n800, thanks to a port of Quetoo, a speed optimized Quake 2 engine, to the Maemo platform. The port requires the user to copy the original game files to the external SD card slot manually, after installation of the applcations itself, and then edit a config file to set key-bindings and other options. The game clips along at a decent pace at 800*480, although for smooth frame-rates you are better off sticking to the default 400*240 resolution. I found playing Quake 2 on my n800 using a Nokia SU-8W Bluetooth keyboard to be almost tolerable. Having to drag the stylus across the screen left something to be desired, however. I hope someone gets bluetooth mice working on the n800 pronto! Quetoo on the n800 really demonstrates the power of these amazing little internet tablets. It really is like being able to carry around a full fledged computer in your pocket. Quetoo also demonstrates the benefit of using Linux as a basis for portable devices. To my knowledge, this port was pretty much a straight recompile from the Linux source. I can’t wait for OpenMoko! Now that will be a real smartphone!

Here is a video of Quake 2 running on my n800.