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Movie Lovers of the World, Rejoice!

Posted by Deliverator on March 13th, 2007

The Seattle International Film Festival recently became the only year-round film festival in the US. SIFF struck some sort of deal with McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center to have use of a 400 seat theater for some 200 days of the year. The hall has been outfitted with modern film and digital projection systems, though they are unfortunately keeping the hall’s wooden, non-reclining seats for now. Some of those independent films are LONG!

None-the-less, this is great news for Seattle movie lovers! SIFF is opening the venue with an extended series (90 screening of about 30 films) of classic foreign films from distributer Janus Films. Throughout the year, they will use the new location for showing other themed film series and special events, and it will of course be used full time during the annual SIFF festival in May-June. SIFF members get a couple buck discount on tickets at the new location (as well as a small discount on festival screenings), so it may finally be time for me to pick up a $50 yearly membership, now that there is a reasonable economic incentive to do so. I can hardly wait for the festival and am looking forward to seeing at least a few films in the series! If anyone is interested in seeing any of the films, let me know.

Longer-term, SIFF is attempting to construct its own film center with 4 theaters, exhibit space, film library, etc., similar in size and scope to Toronto’s ambitious Festival Center.