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Accessories, thus far

Posted by Deliverator on January 30th, 2005

I have ordered a number of accessories for my Jornada 720. Thus far I have purchased:

  • 10 screen protectors from Expansys, to ensure that I don’t scratch the screen with the stylus. I bought a large number of these as who knows how long they will be manufactured.
  • Keyboard skin from image911. I once spilled a glass of egg-nog in a keyboard. Never again!
  • PCMCIA adapter to allow me to use type II CF cards in the Jornada’s PCMCIA slot. I found out that the built in slot only has a type I bus, so modifying the case to accomodate the larger type II cards isn’t an option. This adapter should make it possible to use my 2.2 GB microdrive with the Jornada.

I plan/would like to purchase:

  • 512 MB to 1 GB type I CF card to go in internal CF slot for use as application storage. I plan to have a wireless card in the PCMCIA slot most of the time, so the 2.2 GB microdrive will just be used for media storage (tv episodes, music, pictures, etc.).
  • New or lightly used standard and extended batteries. I also plan on acquiring a more or less dead battery to pull apart. The voltages and AH ratings of the cells sound reasonably standard. It should be possible to build my own pack, rather than purchase new ones for exhorbitant prices.
  • type I CF bluetooth adapter from Socket Communications. This bluetooth adapter is unique in that it is designed to have the same dimmensions as a memory card, so it should fit in the Jornada’s type I CF slot. Most CF bluetooth and wireless adapters have a small antenna extending out from the card body, but this one has the antenna integrated. Socket Communications specializes in making small, low power devices for use with PDAs and appear to be very well engineered and respected in the industry. I will probably pickup one of their low-power ethernet cards at some point, as well.