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Compusa Finally Competitive!

Posted by Deliverator on April 14th, 2007

In case you have been living under a rock, Compusa is in the process of liquidating over half of its stores. All the stores in Western Washington have been in clearance for quite a while. I have poked my head in twice before to create a list of stuff I might like to buy if the price were right. Up until now, despite promises of deep discounts, the actual prices of most items have not even come close to beating online retailers on most items. I took another peak in the door the other day and about half their merchandise is gone, but prices on many items remain uncompetitive, despite 20-30% discounts on most items. Factor in the taxes and the absolutely no returns policy and you are STILL better of buying from online retailers. And one wonder’s why the company is failing in the first place?

There were a few items that struck my eye as bargains, but at prices that I don’t want to pay right now (having just cut a big check for taxes, car repairs and other fun stuff). If you are in the market, here are some deals that struck me as not too shabby:

Epson R2400 printer for around $600. This is an amazing printer which uses a 9 color ink system. It is one of the first prosumer printers which can do justice to B&W images.
-30″ Apple Cinema display for $1600..can one ever have enough screen real-estate
-750GB Seagate HDD for $300…can one ever have enough… porn.
-Apple and Adobe multimedia software at prices that can’t be beat

I did end up picking up a Slingbox AV and a stack of Compusa mouse pads for inclusion with the computers I donate to underprivileged kids in the Bellevue School District. The mouse pads include the Compusa logo and the of so ironic tagline “We got it. We get it.”


If you are interested in the Slingbox AV, check out this seperate entry.