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Virginia Tech and Guns

Posted by Deliverator on April 17th, 2007

This tragic slaughter is going to raise a frenzy on many sides of the gun “debate”. My own personal comment is that random bad shit happening seems to be on the rise in this world and that you would be foolish to rely solely on law-enforcement to protect you from it. People need to be individually responsible for their safety, or be prepared to accept the consequences to themselves and the ones around them whom they love. I have not quite gotten to the point where I want to carry around a gun, but I have considered a taser quite seriously. I also sleep with a baseball bat, cell phone and flashlight beside my bed and know where the family shotgun and ammo is kept.

I was really struck by the absolutely inept handling of this incident by campus and local police. The first shooting occurred over two HOURS before the second. The administration attempted to downplay the initial murder of two students in a dorm room and delayed sending out any sort of campus wide warning or notice to staff until just minutes before the second shooting began. After the first incident, they KNEW that a shooter was on the loose, but FELT that he had left campus. Anyone else see a problem with this? They hadn’t captured and positively identified a shooter and just decided to go about the day’s regular activities as if nothing had happened. The school deserves to be sued into non-existence by every family that lost loved one due to the school’s inept and incautious handling of this incident.

There have been a number of school and mall shootings in recent years, but none have reached the scale of Columbine, primarily due to rapid armed response often from private citizens and off duty police. You don’t hear much about these events, because they were stopped quickly before they ever had a chance to reach this scale. The chief factor in keeping the death toll as low as possible in events like this seems to be that an armed response needs to take place quickly and it THEN needs to be followed by a massive response. First responders on the scene cannot afford to wait for massive amounts of backup before storming a building. All that strategy ever seems to do is give the perpetrator more time to put bullets into the heads of innocents. Here is a picture of 5 well armed police officers waiting outside while bullets were still being fired, who chose to wait for the SWAT team to arrive.

What good are police?

If even a few students/staff had been armed, the death toll would likely be ~5 instead of over thirty dead with as many injured due to gunshot wounds and being force to jump from 3rd story windows.

Oh, and to the media who likes to throw around superlatives like “Worst School Massacre in US History,” do your fact checking.