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New Ubuntu Released – Feisty Fawn

Posted by Deliverator on April 19th, 2007

Today, the latest edition of Ubuntu Linux, codenamed Feisty Fawn, was released into the wild. Ubuntu is self-described as “Linux for Human Beings” and it does an admirable job of meeting than goal. Ubuntu is really the first Linux distribution I feel that a casual, everyday computer user could pick up, install and use without outside help. I have been using Ubuntu through several generations and have been beta testing the latest version. It is a great product and in my mind is a direct competitor to Vista and OS X. You can download an .iso cd image from their international network of mirror servers or get the same .iso file using bittorrent and save them some $ on their bandwidth bills. An absolutely incredible number of people are downloading this right now, so the torrent is likely to be the faster option. Once you have the .iso image downloaded, you will need to burn the .iso to a disk as a cd image (not simply burn the file on the disk). If you are unsure of how to do this, you can always request a free cd . Once you have the cd, simply pop it in the cd drive and reboot (make sure that your computer is set to boot from cds before the hard disk in your systems boot order in the BIOS, usually accessed by hitting F1, F2, delete at system boot). Ubuntu will pop up and give you various install options. Unlike other operating systems, you can “test drive” Ubuntu without ever modifying your hard drive as the Ubuntu install disk is a “Live CD.” You can continue using Ubuntu like this, saving changes to a flash drive or other media, or you can install it on your computer in a dual boot setup, letting you choose between booting Windows and Ubuntu at startup. Give Ubuntu a chance, you might even like it!