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My Eyeballs Record EVERYTHING and you can’t have them!

Posted by Deliverator on May 26th, 2007

SIFF is in full swing and I have already seen 4 movies this past week. I was scheduled to see “Knocked Up” this evening, but decided to return my tickets and watch something else instead. Why? I received the following by email from SIFF Programming Manager Beth Barrett (significantly post sale):

Thank you for your purchase of a ticket for KNOCKED UP on May 26, Egyptian Theatre, 7:00pm. Please be aware that the film studio supplying this film will be checking for recording devices as part of their anti-piracy efforts. This is a secure screening, and all bags and/or purses are subject to search. Absolutely no cameras or recording devices of any kind will be allowed in the theater. The theater will be subject to security surveillance. A camera cell phone is classified as a recording device and cannot be taken into the screening. We highly recommend l eaving cameras, camera cell phones and recording devices in your car or at home as there will be no place to check them at the theater.

I have a lot of choices on where to spend my money. I spend a lot more going to the movies than almost anyone I know, but I am not willing to undergo an Anal Probe and pay for the priviledge. This is perhaps the most important lesson that entertainment industries need to beat into their thick skulls. There are a huge number of ways to be entertained in the modern era. Many of them are free or very cheap. There are those who will steal content for which you would charge and history has thus far shown there is no effectual way to prevent this, but there are even more who will decide to find another way to entertain themselves if you both charge and disrespect those who would willingly hand over thier hard earned $. Given that I was not supplied with these terms at time of sale and had to make a trip that cost me both time and money to swap the tickets, it is very unlikely that I will see Knocked Up when it comes to theaters. I will be spending my evening and my money watching Rescue Dawn from director Werner Herzog instead.