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Blue Moon

Posted by Deliverator on June 1st, 2007

According to one popular misinterpretation of the definition, we were treated to a rare astrological occurrence last night, a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon is by all definitions a type of Full Moon, but beyond that it depends on whom you ask. The term “Blue Moon” is very old in western cultures, with literary evidence in English going back 500 years. I heard about the event a couple days ago while listening to NPR and was interested enough to ask people what they thought it meant while waiting in line for SIFF films. What the term means varies widely depending on whom you ask and I have personally heard answers ranging from having to do with being of blueish hue, harvest cycles, number of full moons in a season or having two full moons in a single month. The use of the term has gotten decidedly muddled over the centuries and now only universally connotes an event which is particularly rare. Whatever its meaning, the moon sure was purdy tonight, so I snapped a picture.

Here is a hand held shot from my Nikon D80 using a 300mm zoom. At 300mm, the moon still only filled a small portion of the resulting image, so the cropping is pretty severe. Levels have been adjusted for better contrast.

Blue Moon