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Jornada Update.

Posted by Deliverator on February 9th, 2005

I have been having a great deal of fun with my Jornada. Here are some highlights:

  • The 512 MB CF card arrived, so I now have a ton of software installed. I also got the adapter needed to use my 2.2 GB CF Microdrive in the Jornada’s PCMCIA slot, so I have lots of space at my disposal
  • Played network Quake with me on my Athlon 64 gaming rig and Ryan on my Jornada. Managed to kill him while he was picking his jaw off the floor!
  • refurbished the included battery pack using cells scavenged from Vetco. Also ordered two battery packs online. I should be all set for extended trips.
  • Set the Jornada up to sync over the network, so cradle is not longer needed. Despite having received a very nice, capacious desk for Christmas, I am trying to keep its many surfaces and crevices free gadgets wherever possible.
  • Purchased null-modem adapter from Vetco. This should enable me to hook up the Jornada’s proprietary funky connector->serial cable (that is used if you want to sync with a PC and are a total masochist) to hook my Jornada up to a GPS.
  • After many hours of research, was able to get Sun’s Personal Java installed and modified a number of cool Java applications to run on the Jornada. First off was Mindterm, a full-featured SSH/SFTP client written in Java. I am working on getting Sun’s “Hot Java” web browser to run, as well.
  • Tried out a number of audio and video playback applications and test encoded a number of videos at various settings to figure out what sort of codecs/resolutions/bitrates I could get away with, without dropping frames.
  • Received 10 screen protectors in the mail from a company by the name of Expansys. They do a good job of protecting against scratches and dust, are pleasant enough to write upon and don’t impact the screen quality too badly. I can trade off a minor reduction in clarity for extended screen life.
  • Still waiting on the keyboard protector from Image911. It was the first accessory I ordered and is the last to arrive…